11 Jul 2020  
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Best bets for a healthy breakfast

Breakfast doesn't have to be fancy or traditional to meet nutritional needs.

Your breakfast will be most delicious, filling and satisfying if it contains a good balance from at least four food groups. Of course, you get maximum nutrients that way.


In food terms, what does that mean?

  • Choose nutritious carbohydrates (whole wheat produce), proteins and fats, such as fresh fruit, whole grains, yogurt and soya. Idlis, plain dosas, grilled whole wheat sandwiches, poha, dhokla and wheat flakes are all good options.
  • A whole grain like Whole-grain breads in the form of toast, missi roti or stuffed roti / parantha, whole-grain cereals like porridge or crackers provide fiber, which takes longer to digest and makes you feel full.
  • A fresh fruit (or vegetable) provides bulk, water and fiber, so that you feel nice      and full with fewer calories.
  • Skim milk, low-fat yogurt/curd or low-fat cheese, such as cottage cheese should also be included in the morning meal.
  • Protein is necessary to feel satisfied and reduce carbohydrate cravings.
  • A healthy fat, such as nuts or oil makes your food taste better but also helps make you feel full and satisfied for a longer time. .
  • Foods high in sugar, even the "natural" fruit sugar will raise blood sugar levels quickly and trigger hunger and sleepiness a few hours later.

o   Focus on a blend of protein and carbohydrates at breakfast. Hearty carbohydrates will give that boost of energy to jumpstart your day. A mix of protein will be the staying power to keep your body going strong over the next three to four hours until lunch. A bowl of dalia with milk and some fruit, cereal with lower fat milk topped with fruit and nuts, lower fat yogurt combined with crunchy cereal and fruit or even stuffed vegetable roti/ parantha with low fat curd are all good options.

o   Going the low fat milk and high fiber cereal with a banana route is a perfect way to combine protein and carbohydrates for a breakfast on the go.


Best bets for a healthy breakfast
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