12 Jul 2020  
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Make Lunch an Interesting Meal

With a little preparation and thought, lunch can be fun and so more likely to be eaten! 

·         Stuffed parathas/rotis - vegetable or minced chicken can be stuffed in wheat dough.

·         Idlis - Plain Idlis can be made tasty by adding grated carrots and peas. Also one can sauté some cut carrots and boiled peas along with ready idli's.

·         Mushroom and chicken rolls - Pancakes made out of milk and flour can be stuffed with mushrooms or chicken.

·         Whole wheat pasta - Pasta with fresh tomato paste and chopped vegetables.

·         Brown bread sandwiches- Sandwiches with a variety of high protein fillings.

·         Home made muesli - Mix wheat flakes, corn flakes, rice flakes and oat flakes, now to this you can add chopped dried fruits like walnuts, prunes, apricots and raisins. Top all that off with a nice drizzle of honey.

·         Nutri (Soya) nuggets -This can be cooked and put in healthy breads, over pizzas or even in parathas. 

·         Rice flakes (Poha)/Upma- This can be made with lots of peas, onions, tomatoes and curry patta.

·         Home made whole wheat bread pizza- using crumbled paneer, chopped capsicums and hung curd dressing and home made tomato paste. (To make hung curd dressing, put toned milk curd in a muslin cloth and bunch it up leaving all the curd in the center, now hang it, once the water is completely drained out, add the flavourings and herbs.)   Mix the toppings with 1 teaspoon of cheese spread and apply on the bread and bake. Wrap in silver foil to avoid messing up the pizza in the tiffin.

·         Chaat-A chaat can be made out of boiled potatoes, fruits or even sprouts.

·         Noodles with vegetables, Vegetable Cutlet, patties, sabudana khichdi can be some other options.

 **These are only some of the choices; there are a number of things one can do to make a child's tiffin tasty and healthy at the same time. Remember to keep it fresh and light so children can remain active through the day and yet be full.

Make Lunch an Interesting Meal
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