27 Jan 2022  
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* Controlling Blood Sugar Could Fight Cognitive Decline
* Multivitamins Strike Out in Major Test
* Fruit Juice Beats Vitamin E Against Inflammation
* Link between too much TV and future fast food intake.
* Young Adults Need to Make More Time for Healthy Meals
* Unsaturated fats in food help in controlling hunger.
* Leading cause of obesity is not only over nourishment of calories but also under nourishment of certain essential nutrients.
* Mar.10,09-According to a New Study Higher Vitamin D Levels in Teenage Diet May lead To Improved Muscle Performance
* -Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic acid may reduce risk of age related vision Lossand has been reported to help lower homocysteine levels.
* Mar20,09-Sufficient intake of Iodine crucial for child\'s normal neurocognitive development.
* Be aware of the hazards of trans fats in your food.
* Depressive Symptoms Related To Menopause Eased By Omega-3s
* Eating On the Run Doubles Calorie Intake
* Higher Risk of Adult Diabetes May Be Explained by Potassium Loss From Blood Pressure Drugs
* Treating Even Mild Diabetes in Pregnancy Carries Significant Benefit
* Adding Flaxseed to Daily Diet May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risks
* Dec1,09-Cutting \"Hidden\' Salt Could Lower Nation\'s Blood Pressure.
* APR-01,10DehydrationAffectsYour Mood.
* Sep.11,10-An Apple a Day Keeps Kidney Stones Away
* Study links long-term acid-suppression drug use to risk of deficiency.
* Q. How much green tea should one consume daily to get the benefits ? Is there a time span as well of so many years of drinking a certain amount to benefit?
* Q. Does roasting walnuts harm their nutritional value? Is there a reason to prefer unroasted nuts?
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