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Health is an  important asset that needs to be nurtured with utmost wisdom and care..

Health is the product of nutrition and medicine, or in other words, preventive maintenance and early repairs of problems.

We are today what we have made ourselves in the past, and we shall be in the future what we make ourselves in the present.

We are the creator of our health; Health is merely the result of commitment to live a more conscious life.

The health zone of NUTRIWAY TO GOOD HEALTH apprises you with important steps for improving health and nutrition

In our endeavor to attain good health we need to understand and make the following habits part of our Life Style.

1. Prevention is better than cure.

Health problems are not entirely avoidable. We live in a world where infectious contagion affect our health, where genetic problems arise late in life, where depleted soils, inferior foods which cause serious cellular damage and where a multitude of traumas may damage our body. NEVER ignore the lifesaving blessings of the medical technology that now exists.

So, anytime you’re not feeling good, you should visit your doctor and get yourself screened for checking if there has been any imbalance in blood picture or metabolic system of our body.

Amongst several factors that affect our health-the most important single factor is our  eating habits. It is also one factor that can be controlled by making healthier choices to garner the benefits of healthy food (annam).

In the Upanishad, the definition of food, which should form the cornerstone of the edifice of nutrition, is:

Adyate atti cha bhutani tasmaat annam tat uchayatay.

Food is called annam not only because it is eaten (adyate), but also because it eats (atti). Food will nourish and promote health only if it is of the right kind, eaten in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right manner. Otherwise it will eat us up- that is, it will lead to disease and ill health.

We are what we eat

He who takes FOOD in proper measure lives a long life and lives without DISEASE, gets strength and alertness of mind.” -“MAHABHARTA”

Nutrition plays an important role by nourishing, detoxifying and rejuvenating our body.

“If the doctor of today does not become the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow." - Dr. Alexis Carrel, Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research

“Let food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates.

 Avoidance of unhealthy foods and environmental poisons and vigilantly eating nutrient dense foods are the disciplines that add years of healthy living.

2. Detoxification and cleansing

Second important habit is to do tuning up of your metabolism by Detoxification and cleansing. This important step helps in rejuvenation.

  • For detoxification you need to:
  • Remove intestinal wall accumulations
  • Remove bad bacteria fungi and parasites
  • Load good gut friendly bacteria

There is nothing more important for your health than a clean digestive/eliminatory system. When a digestive system is in serious trouble, the result is also seen in the exhaust, in the form of constipation, muddy or incompletely formed stools, diarrhea, cloudy urine, etc.

This may further lead to poor liver function. Excessive amount of toxic metabolites give rise to abdominal bloating, bad breath and foggy brain.

You can save yourself from this choking by detoxifying the digestive system from time to time.

  • Remove intestinal wall accumulations

The digestive tract is about 20 feet long, of which the stomach is only a small portion. While the stomach breaks down food into very small pieces of food, the intestines absorb most of the nutrients and are absolutely critical to our health.

Over time, adults accumulate a layer of sticky mucous gel/plaque (incompletely digested, fermenting proteins) on the intestinal walls that interferes with absorption of nutrients. Although the thickness of this gel or plaque is usually less than an eighth of an inch (and considered normal by doctors), these accumulations provide an easy place for bad bacteria, fungi and parasites to live for long periods of time inside us.

In the realm of maintaining our bodies, removing this layer of intestinal interference is extremely important. Intestinal cleansing can be done by eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and drinking water throughout the day. Having a serving of raw vegetable juice will further compliment your effort towards intestinal cleansing.

· Remove bad bacteria fungi and parasites

Bad bacteria, parasites and fungi clog the digestive system because they interfere with the critical process of digestion. In addition they produce toxins that damage and stress cells throughout the entire body. Also, they prevent good bacteria from flourishing, which means lowered production of the many vital nutrients that good bacteria provide for our bodies.

Ingest anti-parasitical products, as recommended by the physician, to kill your parasites whenever you get mild symptoms of indigestion and smelly bowels.

· Load good gut friendly bacteria

 A healthy adult should have ample amount of healthy bacteria through dietary sources in his/her intestines. These good bacteria are critical to good digestion because many foods contain elements that enzymes from the stomach, liver, small intestines and pancreas cannot break down.  When these undigested elements reach the colon, the good bacteria in the colon ferment these food particles into nutritious and wonderfully, protective chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies and assist our bodies in lowering cholesterol, inhibiting tumors, cancers and doing many other good things for our body.

Unfortunately, in many people, the good bacteria have been killed off to a large or small degree and therefore the many protective and good compounds produced by these bacteria are in short supply. Also, with the good bacteria gone, bad bacteria and yeasts take over our intestinal tracts. As a result, we get muddy stools, irritation, gas and other gastrointestinal complaints.

Having good serving of fresh curd, yoghurt or pro-biotic foods and sprouted beans helps restore required gut flora – acidophilus and lactobacilli.

In brief the digestive system must work well in order for the body to have access to its full potential power, energy and health.

3. Keep your body free of the harmful substances.

a. Empty calories causes the loss of body’s vitamins and minerals

b. Trans fats and free radicals introduces oxidative stress to the body

c. Under cooked food introduces bacteria and parasites

d. Unwashed foods introduces pesticides and mud particles

a. Empty calories causes the loss of body’s vitamins and minerals

Processing any food into the body uses up minerals and vitamins during the digestion, assimilation and elimination chemical processes. Empty calorie foods like refined sugars  and sugar products, refined flour and products made from it are dense in calories but very low on vitamin and mineral content.


Foods like syrups, fountain drinks, ice creams, doughnuts and candies tax body by creating extra demand of vitamins and minerals without making any contribution of good nutrients.

Also, a sudden influx of calories revs up the endocrine system needlessly.

The frequent consumption of empty calories causes obesity, vitamin and mineral loss, adrenal and pancreatic fatigue - all leading to an eventual breakdown in health.

Retrain yourself to limit your intake of sweets to ‘infrequent’.

Consumption of foods like syrups,jellies, chocolates, fountain drinks,soda drinks icecreams, doughnuts,white breads and candies should be minimized and always followed by nutrient dense food to make up for the nutrient loss caused by these foods:

b. Trans fats and free radicals introduces oxidative stress to the body

They damage the cells and molecules of our body by introducing oxidative stress.

We grow old from free radical damage. Preventing free radical damage is essential for longevity and quality of life.

The following are common free radical containing foods:

  • Rancid foods of any kind
  • Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pesticide Residues on Unwashed Fruits or Vegetables
  • Coffee
  • Chlorinated Water
  • Charred meats

Free radicals are also produced by our own bodies, especially during exercise, and so we need to ensure that we have a good intake of antioxidants (substances that stop free radicals) no matter how well we eat.

c. Undercooked food introduces bacteria, fungi or parasites

d. Unwashed foods introduces pesticides and mud particles

 Undercooked Foods, Unwashed Hands & Unwashed Food are bad for our health because they introduce parasites, bacteria, virus, fungi and foreign substances and chemicals into our bodies.

So, remember to wash your hands before you eat

Also thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating them for two reasons, one, so that you don’t get parasites and bacteria and second, that you don’t get the pesticides that have been sprayed on them.

Finally, cook animal products sufficiently to kill the bad bacteria and parasites that all animal products contain. This, especially includes poultry and fish.

4. Recharge and nourish your body with a balanced diet.

 The vital principles of nourishment help recharge your body with the required nutrients.

oEat nutrient dense foods

oEat a wide variety of foods

oEat frequent, small meals

oDrink ample clean water

 Eat nutrient dense foods

We should include more and more nutrients from the naturally nutrient dense foods  i. e. foods which  are naturally nutrient dense complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Examples: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, wild game and fish etc.

Process of refinement and processing depletes foods of several nutrients.

Eat a wide variety of foods

Think variety. No single food has all the nutrients that your body requires. By eating a variety of foods, we increase the likelihood of providing your body with various raw materials the body can use to maintain optimal health.

 Foods from seven food groups-Milk and Milk products, Eggs and meat, Cereals, Pulses and legumes, Vegetables, Fruits, oils and nuts provides all the nutrients the body requires  in the right proportion.

Eat frequent, small meals

Human beings are programmed to overeat (and store as fat, for a future time of potential scarcity, the food energy we don’t use right away). This programming is not needed in modern times, but it’s still inherent. The best way to overcome this programming is to eat frequent, equally-spaced-throughout-the-waking-day, small meals. Soon your body will realize that food is constantly coming, and it will cease need to store it as fat.

Drink ample clean water

Drink 10-12 glasses of fresh water everyday.

A glass of warm water on getting up in the morning stimulates the gastrocolic reflex thus initiating bowel movements and relieving constipation.

During the day drink water 15-30 minutes before a meal or two hours after.

Warm water is very effective in strengthening the digestive system.

5. Exercise and fitness

Along with fueling up our body with good nutrients it is equally important to use that fuel by staying active.

Inactivity damages both a high performance car and a human body. The body adapts down in capacity if we are inactive physically.  Muscles become smaller, bones become thinner, hormone production decreases, cellular conversion of energy gets lazy — everything proceeds to say “what’s the point?” if we are inactive.

So, keep your muscles in shape. Keep your heart and lung in shape.

We’re not talking about strenous exercise or unvarying dedication to work out, but we are talking about regular exercise that promote deep breathing, and tones up our muscles. Yoga, walking, swimming, cycling, weight training, even pranayam are good activities.

Regular exercise keeps your body toned and shaves off wrinkles from your shriveled skin. The merits of regular exercise are innumerable.

It improves your mood by stimulating various brain chemicals ,which make you feel happier and more relaxed. You also feel more confident and more expressive. Also, helps in releasing pent up stress and thus rejuvenating you.

Exercise is the key to better sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. This further enhances your concentration and productivity.

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to body tissues. In fact, regular exercise helps in improving entire cardiovascular system — the circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels — work more efficiently. Big deal ? You bet! When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy and feel relaxed all the time.

So, let us take the road to good health and resolve to adopt healthier habits of eating and living.

Navigate through the NUTRIWAY TO GOOD HEALTH zone to be more aware of incorporating healthier food choices.
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