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Healthy mind lives in a healthy body and healthy body lives in a healthy mind..

While we can't tinker around inside our skulls, remember that feeling good physically can "rub off" on the brain. Here are strategies to feel at peace with the world.
  1. Listen to your brain and act wisely
    1.     When tempted to dig your teeth into some crunchy junk look for foods with lots of crunch and juice. You can further pamper treat your eyes and brain by presenting a colourful bowl of salad with added nutty flavor from roasted nuts in moderation.
     It's like a vigorous workout for your teeth — a sweet release that helps deflect the binge of "stress-eating." We suggest carrots, cucumber and apples, rather than crispy packed snacks like chips.
    1.     Don't do compulsive eating while it can bring comfort, remember that it's mainly a source of fuel. Rather when craving for add on junk food, take a deep breath and take five long breaths. A chocolate bite won't solve anything rather will add unwanted calories.
    2.     Avoid excessive stimulants like caffeine or tea.
    3.     Pamper yourself with foods which are low on calories but loaded with vitamins and phytoenzymes.

  2. Breathe right

  3. Longevity and health of our mind and body directly depends upon the way we breath.  Infact breath is the link between mind and body. Any bodily stress is immediately reflected in the way we do shallow breathing .Further the immune system responds instantly to any change in breathing because it signals a threat. Shallow, rapid gasps — the "hyperventilating" stress response — sends the immune system into overdrive. To set the breathing tone right and to destress follow this simple breathing exercise to REJUVENATE and to heal you.
    1.     Be aware of your breathing. Notice the sensation of the breath. Feel the air moving in and out of your body. Notice how the chest and abdomen expand and contract slightly with the in- and out-breath. One conscious breath is enough to make some space where before there was the uninterrupted succession of one thought after another.
    2.     Take two or three conscious breaths. Now see if you can detect a subtle sense of aliveness that pervades your entire inner body. Can you feel your body from within, so to speak? Sense briefly specific parts of your body. Feel your hands, then your arms, feet and legs. Can you feel your abdomen, chest, neck and head? What about your lips? Is there life in them? Then become aware again of the inner body as a whole.
    3. Now you are completely relaxed and destressed .

  4. Know thyself

  5. Everyone's got a different way of letting off steam. It’s for us to find out how we can get rid of the pent up steam and feel relaxed. "For some, it's deep breathing; others thrive on exercise." And for others, it might be a heart-to-heart followed by a steaming-hot bath. Still wound-up? Try these:
    1.     Go steady: Studies suggest that rhythmic exercise is healthiest for the immune system. "Rhythms are built into the body's mechanism, and moving to a rhythmic beat is therapeutic," says Liponis. Think swimming, rowing, tango.
    2.     Walking to few imaginary syllables along with breathing to the fullest i.e. abdominal breathing does wonders to experience catharsis from the pent up steam or even negativity.
    3.     Come out of the negative spiral by simply awakening up and being completely into the present moment .
    4.     Feel yourself becoming transparent, without the solidity of a material body. Now allow whatever you are reacting negatively to—the noise of the car alarm, the dog barking, the traffic jam—to pass right through you. It is no longer hitting a solid "wall" inside you.
    5.     Become like a deep lake. The outer situation of your life, whatever happens there is like the surface of the lake—sometimes calm, sometimes windy and rough. Deep down, however, the lake is always undisturbed. You are the whole lake, not just the surface. Practice being in touch with your own depth, which remains absolutely still.

  6. Detach yourself from the disturbing events in the near or long past.

  7. Do you carry the burden of the events which disturbed you? Many women find themselves unwittingly and maddeningly repeating behavior that stymies their growth, development and fulfillment — at the office, in relationships, around their family. Do you find yourself caught in the same trap, over and over? Try the three R's:
    1. Review
    2. Reality-check
    3. Re-evaluate

     "We're often living an old story of something that happened long ago." To break the repetition, step out of the story to review it from an outsider's perspective. Give yourself a reality-check to find the root of the problem. And remember, the best vantage point can often be found on the therapist's couch, where you can get help re-evaluating the situation.Rather than letting such events be a burden on your head treat them like foot mats and learn positively from them, why you happened to react in a particular manner to the event. Find out if it was your ego which was seeking attention. Then try to free yourself from this ego by simply talking to yourself that this is not real you, it is your ego and behave as an egoless mind and being in present state.

  8. Finally believe in love and laugh key to promote longevity and health of your life.
  9. Love yourself and other creatures even plants. Laugh deeply and loudly to create happiness in and around you.Among new friends or old, reach out to others. Support them in their own personal endeavors, and project a can-do attitude; the good vibes will come full-circle to reward you, too.
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